Molecular Interpretation of Traditional Cuisine

Molecular Interpretation of Traditional Cuisine

27 Apr 2016

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Food does not have a racial barrier, and the Michelin-star standardization helps us to recognize quality Thai food around the world. Understanding the growing popularity of Thai food requires knowledge not only of how to cook the food itself but the history and culture behind the civilization that created these dishes. Henrik Yde-Anderson, Danish chef and sommelier, who cofounded KIIN KIIN, a Michelin star Thai restaurant, has recently published KIIN KIIN Modern Thai Cooking, a cookbook that provides the history and culture of Thai cooking.

Yde-Anderson is known for being faithful to the Thai recipe but has occasionally experimented with the ingredients. His passion for Thai cuisine began in his 20s when he took a trip to the Southern provinces and had a taste of some extremely spicy red curry. The experience redefined his life and set him on a course that culminated in the opening of KIIN KIIN in Copenhegen many years later.

KIIN KIIN reinterprets Thai cuisine in a modern context by making use of modern gastronomy to emphasize not only the visual aspect of Thai food but the unique flavors of its ingredients. It may come as a surprise for fans of Thai food to discover that Yde-Andersons's KIIN KIIN Modern Thai Cooking takes an untraditional approach to the composition of their dishes with red curry being served as ice cream and the peanut sauce for chicken satay is frozen. The recpies are also unorthodox requiring the use of molecular gastronomy cooking equipment not likely found in the average kitchen.

The cookcook encourages newcomers, especially Westerners, to create their own Thai kitchen with recipes for basic Thai sauces and condiments. The dessert section carries on the non-traditional approach by using Thai recipes to create Western sweet like marshmallows and biscuits, and the chef also makes some suggestions for wine pairing which is not typically recommended as it contrasts with the herbs and flavor profiles of Thai cuisine.

KIIN KIIN Modern Thai Cooking is not your average Thai cookbook but is certain to raise quiestions and debates about the characteristics of Thai food and how we should interpret its cultural heritage in a modern context.